About Us


We have a pony for your special child's party.  If you have a certain party theme we will incorporate that into the pony experience.  We have a fairy pony, a cowboy, and Mickey Mouse with the Mouse ears.

We bring them to your party ready for the children.   You can have up to 6 horses on a carousel that the children will love to ride, or you can have just 1 pony that we lead the child around on.  We will customize it to your specific party. 

Our pony's are handled daily and are very friendly and love the attention of the children


We also provide a small horse drawn buggy for the children.  This is pulled by our special horse "Queen" and she truely feels like a queen.  She has won many trophies in the show ring.  We can come to corporate sponsored events with any of our pony arrangements.

I  began my career training western pleasure horses  when her daughter wanted to show horses.  Watching my daughter's face when she won an event or saw a new baby horse was the best part of life. She and would show horses together and go on trail rides and enjoy the fun of the outdoors.  UI had developed the love of horses from a little girl and with that love and then having a daughter who also loved them this was a natural course of action.   She is all grown up now and has her own business, but it  is still fun to do things together with our horses.


The best way to train an animal is with kindness and compassion.  They are just like we are, when you enjoy doing something you want to do it again.  This is the best way to have the results you want.

Sondra says working with children and animals gives her the opportunity to "Catch your Dreams"